Quick info: Versatile vehicle, suitable for anything from light support to frontal assault.

Short description: This versatile mech is issued by default to all new pilots and is engineered for adaptability. Equipped to survive prolonged, brutal combat, the Assault utilizes its Submachine Cannon and Point-D Vulcan to annihilate enemies at close range.

Ingame history: The Assault M4 Brommens model was originally created to excavate Illal's hazardous mines. The sturdy design of this model offered enhanced physical protection. As tunnel collapses became common occurrences, the production of this model skyrocketed. However, psychological ramifications of being buried alive often lingered with unfortunate pilots, usually resulting in early retirement. Even after it was pressed into combat service, much of the Assault's design remained the same. Semi-obsolete features throughout the mech are still evident, such as the flood lamps located just to the left of the cockpit.

How to pilot the Assault: Use Weapons Coolant to prevent overheating and finish off fleeing enemies. Side-dodging requires a cooldown after each use. Wait for enemies to dodge before firing your TOW Rocket.

How to defeat the Assault: These mechs are adept at close combat. Flank and wear down the Assault from a distance. Watch out for incoming TOW Rockets and always be prepared to dodge.

Assault fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Brommens

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 565
Fuel Tank: 94 L
Boost Speed: 31.52 m/s
Fuel Regen: 9.62 L/s
Ground Speed: 18 m/s
Air Speed: 29
Radar: 90 m
Overheating: 5.75 s
Dodging: 1.2 s
Special Ability: Weapons Coolant

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Mech ComponentsEdit


Submachine Cannon - Stock Primary

A short-barreled, rapid-fire weapon that excels at close ranges. The short barrel renders it less effective at a distance.


Point-D Vulcan - Alternate Primary

A high-damage, rapid-firing suppression cannon. Shreds enemies at close range, but is less reliable at a distance.


Assault Rifle - Prestige Primary

A rapid fire weapon that can output damage consistently from all ranges


TOW Rocket - Secondary

Fires an RPG-like explosive that can be detonated in midair. Press the firing mechanism or utility mechanism to detonate the rocket.


Weapons Coolant - Ability

Prevent and remove heat buildup for a short time.


H.E. Charge - Stock Item

A high-explosive charge that can deal damage to a large area.


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