Quick info: Swarm vehicle, equipped to handle a variety of high-clutch situations.

Short description: The Berserker's speed, powerful weapons, and Ballistic Barrage special ability allow pilots to strike hard and fast before quickly retreating to safety.

Ingame history: The SkullDogs, veteran units of Prosk's light-armored division, exclusively use the Prosk L3 Piston model to outfit their Berserker mechs. They are often spotted looting the remains of fragged Sentium light and even heavy mechs. The designer derived the core concept of this model from insects of his home world. "I am not a god, I can only hope to mimic their creation." -Prof. Arnoff.

How to pilot the Berserker: Stay on the ground and use cover to your advantage. Hovering mechs sacrifice mobility. Punish them with one of your fully automatic, primary weapons. To better engage enemies from a distance, purchase the Assault Rifle, which is available as an alternate primary weapon at mech rank 3. Its accuracy and power at long range are superior to the Submachine Cannon.

How to defeat the Berserker: Fight speed with speed. Dodge the Berserker's TOW Rockets while using cover to your advantage. A Berserker equipped with a Point-D Vulcan can deal devastating damage in a short amount of time. Don't attack head on. Instead, flank the Berserker to catch the enemy off guard.

Beserker fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Piston

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 355
Fuel Tank: 92 L
Boost Speed: 35.12 m/s
Fuel Regen: 9.62 L/s
Ground Speed: 19 m/s
Air Speed: 42
Radar: 105 m
Overheating: 5.25 s
Dodging: 1 s
Special Ability: Ballistic Barrage

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Mech ComponentsEdit


Submachine Cannon - Stock Primary

A short-barreled, rapid-fire weapon that excels at close ranges. The short barrel renders it less effective at a distance.


Assault Rifle - Alternate Primary

A rapid fire weapon that can output damage consistently from all ranges


Point-D Vulcan - Prestige Primary

A high-damage, rapid-firing suppression cannon. Shreds enemies at close range, but is less reliable at a distance.


TOW Rocket - Secondary

Fires an RPG-like explosive that can be detonated in midair. Press the firing mechanism or utility mechanism to detonate the rocket.


Ballistic Barrage - Ability

Increases the damage done by all weapons for a short time.


H.E. Charge - Stock Item

A high-explosive charge that can deal damage to a large area.

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