Quick info: Skirmish vehicle, tailored for harassing the opposition.

Short description: The Bruiser is a tough and adaptable war machine. This mech utilizes the Point-D Vulcan and its Damage Absorb special ability to tear through enemies in close quarters, while providing long-range firepower with its devastating Hellfire Missiles.

Ingame history: The Bruiser is also known as the Cheese Grater, not because of the optical grill over the cockpit, but because the standard H2 Hiefram model is often seen grinding enemies into strips of metal and flesh. Inexpensive to manufacture, it is commonly assigned to skirmish lines, and when disabled, abandoned on the battlefield instead of being rescued for refurbishment.

How to pilot the Bruiser: Arc your Hellfire Missiles around corners by acquiring a lock on to your target and aiming up or to the side to avoid obstructions. Prolonged use of the Point-D Vulcan will cause frequent overheating, so use it sparingly in long bursts.

How to defeat the Bruiser: Skilled light mech pilots can outmaneuver the Bruiser's weapons. Take advantage of the Point-D Vulcan's spin-up time, and use cover to prevent Hellfire Missiles from acquiring a lock. Flank a bruiser with a Point-D Vulcan. Its sound when firing is loud and easily recognizable, so don't get caught off guard.

Bruiser fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Hiefram

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 555
Fuel Tank: 106 L
Boost Speed: 29.72 m/s
Fuel Regen: 9.25 L/s
Ground Speed: 17.25 m/s
Air Speed: 34
Radar: 97.5 m
Overheating: 5.5 s
Dodging: 1.2 s
Special Ability: Damage Absorb
Tips & Tactics

Mech ComponentsEdit


Point-D Vulcan - Stock Primary

A high-damage, rapid-firing suppression cannon. Shreds enemies at close range, but is less reliable at a distance.


Submachine Cannon - Alternate Primary

A short-barreled, rapid-fire weapon that excels at close ranges. The short barrel renders it less effective at a distance.


Assault Rifle - Prestige Primary

A rapid fire weapon that can output damage consistently from all ranges


Hellfire Missiles - Secondary

Fires a volley of high-damage missiles that can lock onto targets.


Damage Absorb - Ability

Reduce the amount of damage received for a short time.


M.G. Turret - Stock Item

Deploys an auto-tracking turret equipped with a quick-firing machine gun.


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