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Bunker is one of Hawken's multiplayer maps, supporting all four game modes, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Siege, and Missile Assault. It is a very small and roughly circular map dominated by a central pyramidal structure and filled with snowy hills and valleys which provide cover for mechs. Hellfire equipped mechs (Rocketeer and Bruiser) and sniper mechs (Sharpshooter and Reaper) are frequently used on this map because of its relative openness.

Bunker is one of the most recent maps to be included in Hawken, and it is the only map not to have a dedicated page in the game guide of the official hawken website.

Notably, in Siege mode, Bunker only possesses one EU Pilon situated in the middle of the pyramid, right below the AA. It gives EU at an increased rate compared to the pilons of other maps. It's the only Siege map in the game which has this particularity. Furthermore, Bunker is considered a relatively undesirable map for Siege, seeing as its very small size and the concentration of all its objectives in one spot quickly makes matches devolve into all out brawls.

In missile assault, the three Missile Silos are placed at equal distances around the central pyramid.

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