CR-T Recruit



Quick info: Your first mech, custom-made from scrap parts with rookies in mind.

Short description: The CR-T Recruit was issued to all new pilots, until it was replaced by the Assault. With powerful, but simple weapons and a rookie-friendly special ability that reduces heat, this well-rounded mech is more than capable of holding its own against mechs of any class.

Ingame history: Known lovingly as "Screen-Head", "TV-Mech", or "Microwave", the M-D Fred was one of the first mechs deployed post Nano-Virus. Although Fred is made efficiently to minimize cost of valuable components, it is surprisingly versatile and powerful. Those who underestimate what a trained pilot can do with this mech may find themselves whispering the words "Fuzzy Bunny" just before death. Pilots whose mechs were destroyed by a Fred will sometimes rant about being killed by the "easybake oven" or "walking TV".

How to pilot the CR-T Recruit: Practice dodging and firing in controlled bursts. If you're about to overheat, activate Weapons Coolant and keep firing. Your can detonate your TOW Rocket in mid-air by pressing the middle mouse button. Knowing the right time to detonate requires practice.

How to defeat the CR-T Recruit: Stay mobile and try to flank if possible. CR-T Recruits are surprisingly dangerous. Watch for incoming TOW Rockets and be prepared to dodge.

Cr-t recruit fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Fred

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 525
Fuel Tank: 102 L
Boost Speed: 30.44 m/s
Fuel Regen: 11.1 L/s
Ground Speed: 17.5 m/s
Air Speed: 25
Radar: 112.5 m
Overheating: 4 s
Dodging: 1.2 s
Special Ability: Weapons Coolant
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Mech ComponentsEdit


Assault Rifle - Stock Primary

A rapid fire weapon that can output damage consistently from all ranges


Submachine Cannon - Alternate Primary

A short-barreled, rapid-fire weapon that excels at close ranges. The short barrel renders it less effective at a distance.


Point-D Vulcan - Prestige Primary

A high-damage, rapid-firing suppression cannon. Shreds enemies at close range, but is less reliable at a distance.


TOW Rocket - Secondary

Fires an RPG-like explosive that can be detonated in midair. Press the firing mechanism or utility mechanism to detonate the rocket.


Weapons Coolant - Ability

Prevent and remove heat buildup for a short time.


Shield - Stock Item

Creates a magnetic dome shaped barrier. Barrier prevents bullet shells and explosives from passing in either direction, but is destroyed after deflecting a certain amount of damage.

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