Lightweight A-class mechs are the fastest mechs, favoring guerrilla warfare to take down opponents. Due to being weak in armor, it is essential for pilots of these mechs to dodge projectiles, with the mech's health becoming a buffer for error. The A-class can outlive other classes by easily retreating, and it is also the hardest class for other mechs to escape from. There are currently five mechs in this category:

  • Berserker : Swarm vehicle, equipped to handle a variety of high-clutch situations.
  • Infiltrator : Ambush vehicle, designed to confuse, damage, and dispensary.
  • Reaper : Front line sniper, able to adapt with both speed and precision.
  • Scout : Hit and run vehicle, able to get into battle fast and get out even faster.
  • Technician : Tandem support vehicle, specialized in focused, ad hoc repair.

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