The all-around B-class mechs find a balance between the speed of the A-class, and the durability of the C-class. These mechs allow a variety of playstyles including sniping, mass attacks, one-on-one fights, and forward assaults. The B-class Assault mech is the first mech a starting pilot is given. There are currently seven mechs in this category:

  • Assault : Versatile vehicle, suitable for anything from light support to frontal assault.
  • G2-Assault : A heavily modified version of the Assault vehicle created by the Sentium Corporation.
  • Bruiser : Skirmish vehicle, tailored for harassing the opposition.
  • CR-T Recruit : Your first mech, custom-made from scrap parts with rookies in mind.
  • Predator : Ambush vehicle, specializes in tracking, trapping, and decimating the unaware.
  • Raider : Raiding vehicle, geared toward tactically closing those pesky gaps.
  • Sharpshooter : Precision vehicle, configured for high damage at long distance.

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