Bulky and damage resistant C-class mechs are walking tanks recognizable for wielding shoulder-mounted shield plates. Despite their armor, C-class mechs can become easy targets for other mechs due to their slow movement and large figure. Most C-class mechs have the unique ability to transform into turrets, lowering their massive shields and bunkering down. Turret mode increase resistance to frontal damage at the expense of increased damage from the back. This makes them invaluable for holding down and defending areas. C-class mechs are not used as often as the other mechs and generally need to rely on more than just twitch reflexes to succeed. There are currently six mechs in this category:

  • Brawler : Spearhead vehicle, developed to penetrate frontlines with concentrated firepower.
  • Grenadier : Siege vehicle, useful for persistent dispersal of tactical formations.
  • G2-Raider : Guerilla vehicle. Designed for quick and intense bursts of firepower in a decisive manner.
  • Incinerator : Support and suppression vehicle, absorbs heat from nearby mechs to fuel its destructive abilities.
  • Rocketeer : Targeted support vehicle, commonly used to discourage strategic positioning.
  • Vanguard : Vanguard vehicle, designed to diminish the frontlines and secure ground.

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