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Crion is one of the three main multi-planetary corporations (MPC) on Illal. After extended and dangerou

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s competition against the other corporations, Crion experienced a sudden collapse which unleashed a nano-virus across the planet, which became known as the Hawken Virus or Giga-Structure.


Crion was famous for its very research oriented business strategy. Its output was mostly research papers and theory with only an afterthought given to profits or marketability. Despite this, the MPC thrived as it continued to release high tech devices unheard of anywhere else.

Despite being ostensibly open to all, its top secret R&D labs' personnel were engaged in ruthless competition to advance only the most brilliant and forward-thinking researchers.

Its base of operation was situated in Praxis Valley, a very exclusive high tech settlement that housed its yearly Innovation Summit. Cutting edge devices could be obtained there years before they hit the shelves in the rest of the galaxy.


Crion was put on the map in 2074 with its patenting of the fusion impulse engine. Since then it was at the forefront of scientific progress and space exploration, developing AI, advanced cryogenics, medical nanobots, and much more.

Because its focus was on research and not salesmanship, Crion always stayed aloof of the rivalry that raged between Sentium and Prosk, thriving on specialised scientific releases and research grants.

Its conduct during the events leading up to the release of the Hawken Virus is largely unknown due to its secrecy.

The Hawken VirusEdit

The release of the nano-virus and subsequent collapse of Crion took place because of an accident during research on James Hawken's "Project Ohmu" following his defection from Prosk. A Prosk commando stormed the research facility he was located in near Typhus, in the periphery of Praxis Valley, causing a large detonation which killed everyone involved, destroyed the majority of Praxis Valley, and contaminated the surrounding area, including the city of Kobalt with the Giga-Structure.

This incident caused a massive loss of confidence and share value for Crion, who redirected all its efforts towards eradicating the nano-plague it had unleashed. To date no breakthrough has been made on the matter and the company is effectively no more in the MPC race on Illal.

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