Customizations are cosmetic items that are used by pilots to differentiate their mechs from those of others, and make them feel more personalized. They are usually bought with MC, but some can be acquired with HC, service awards, mech ranks, included in special sales packages, or are available for free by default.

Hawken offers pilots numerous kinds of personalizations, both for the inside and the outside of their mechs. Some are visible to all, others are only seen by the pilot in their cockpit.

Customizable CompomentsEdit

Customisation Type Visible By Purchased With
Cockpit Cosmetics Pilot Only MC
Crosshairs Pilot Only MC/HC/None (Free)
Emblems All MC/HC/Service Awards/None (Free)
Emotes / Physical Taunts All MC
Holo Emotes / Holo-Taunts All HC/None (Free)
HUD Colors Pilot Only MC/HC/None (Free)
Mech Parts All MC/Ranks
Paint pattern All MC/Ranks
Paint trim All None (Free)
Repair drones All MC/Service Awards
Thrusters All MC
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