Editing Guidelines


The Hawken Wikia is the deticated information source for all information pertaining to the futuristic mech shooter we all love. Currently, PC HAWKEN is the singular, reliable, canon source of information for this wikia. When contributing to this wikia, please ensure that your edits derive from the PC version of the game. Posting information that it not yet existant in the game on the official pages can confuse and annoy readers.


In addition to keeping information up-to-date and relevant, please mantain the existing style and format of this wikia. That is, don't create pages with a different look from the rest of the wikia, or change existing pages to another look. If you aren't sure of how to replicate the current stlye in an edit you'd like to make, you can always look at the source of other pages to understand or copy the theme.


Articles must be informative and factual. Pages that are completely subjective will be removed, so please put your subjective content in your profile or in a blog post - that's what those features are designed for.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.