Experience Points (abbreviation: XP) measure a mech's progression in the game. Earning enough experience levels up a mech, granting upgrades. A pilot's performance in a match is rewarded with experience. A booster can be bought with Meteor Points that adds a 2x multiplier to all XP earned. XP also goes towards pilot level.

Earning XPEdit

There are two distinct sets of XP given to the player at the end of a match. The first set counted is added to the player's Pilot Level, this goes from 1 to 30. Each level unlocks a reward, either HC, holopucks, consumables for Co-Op Bot Destruction, or the possibility to buy new internals and items with HC.

Then the pilot is given XP for their mech ranks. Every mech has 6 ranks, each rank unlocking a piece of the "elite" parts set for that mech and sometimes an alternate weapon. If the player used multiple different mechs during the match, the XP will be distributed between all of them depending on how long they were in use and their performance.

XP is earned at a baseline of 157 XP per minute spent alive in game from the beginning of the match (time spent in the garage or deathcam isn't counted). Then it is attributed following a series of factors, including number of kills, damage inflicted on enemies, achieving multikills (killing 2 or more mechs with less than 10 seconds between each kill), killstreaks (killing more than 1 mech without dying), nemesis (dominating someone), nemesis kills (killing someone dominating you), and many more.

A notable feature of Hawken's XP system is the underdog bonus, where killing a pilot more experienced brings an XP bonus proportional to the level difference between the two accounts. The bonus enters in effect when killing a player at least 5 pilot levels higher. The bonus XP gained this way is worth the level difference divided by 2.

Overflow XPEdit

When a mech reaches rank 6, all XP gained playing this mech is put into a separate XP pool. This XP can then be transferred to any other mech below rank 6 in the player's garage, at a cost of 1MC per 120XP transferred.

Once a pilot reaches pilot level 30, the XP gained is simply added to their XP total and serves no further use.

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