The Giga-Structure is the name given to the self-replicating nano-virus on Hawken. It is also known as the Hawken Virus, in honor of its first victim, the scientist James Hawken. Taking the appearance of metallic patches on Hawken's maps, the Giga-Structure covers more than a third of the planet's surface. Parts of the Giga-Structure may be found in any in-game map, especially Origin and Uptown. Although it is not harmful to mechs, the Giga-Structure has been shown to encase buildings and block highways.

The Nano-PlagueEdit

The Giga-Structure is a health hazard to Humans on Illal as it can infest bodies with fast replicating metal elements that eventually cause a breakdown in blood flow and organ functioning. This is known as the nano-plague.

The Vitrolium WarsEdit

Some native Illan rodents are known to consume pieces of the Giga-Structure, this leads to their guano taking on particularly volatile properties, making it a prime energy producing resource. Since the release of the Hawken virus, acquiring quantities of guano, or "vitrolium" in its refined state, has become the main focus of Illal's MPCs.

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