Icons taunts holoPuck

A holopuck

Taunts are short animations that pilots can throw onto the ground infront of them, either ingame or at the results screen after a match. They are supplied via holopucks, and will run out if not replenished.

Holopucks are acquired either as a reward for leveling up pilot levels (a certain amount is given to the player once every few levels) or via the cosmetics store.
Unlike mech taunts and other cosmetic elements in the game, it doesn't cost Meteor Credits or Hawken Credits to switch between the taunts displayed by your mech's holopucks.

List of TauntsEdit

Picture Notes
Icons taunts holographic chicken "BETTER CLUCK NEXT TIME"
Icons taunts holographic cryingBear "POOR BEARCITO"
Icons taunts holographic finger "NONONO"
Icons taunts holographic frog "GREEN WITH ENVY"
Icons taunts holographic girlPeace "OMG VICTORY"
Icons taunts holographic grumpyBear "GRUMPY BEARCITO"
Icons taunts holographic mechFinger "ROBO NONO"
Icons taunts holographic pig "RUN PIGGY RUN"
Icons taunts holographic robo "LORD OF THE DASH"
Icons taunts holographic roboBounce "LOWRIDIN'"
Icons taunts holographic robothumbsup "AFFIRMATIVE"
Icons taunts holographic thumbsup "OKIEDOKIE"

Holopuck CostsEdit

Number of Pucks MC Cost HC Cost
10 96 854
25 180 1602
50 288 2563
100 432 3845

Gameplay NotesEdit

Holopucks interact with the game environment as physical items when deployed. As such, it is possible to bounce them off walls, barricades, other mechs, and even propel them off jump pads.

When thrown they follow a roughly parabolic arc and the distance they'll fly before hitting the ground and deploying the taunt itself may be modulated depending on the angle at which the player launches it, much like the grenade launcher's projectile and H.E. charge.

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