Quick info: Support and suppression vehicle, absorbs heat from nearby mechs to fuel its destructive abilities.

Short description: The Incinerator relies on heat generation to fire its powerful SAARE launcher. It pulls heat from nearby mechs, friend and foe alike. Due to this function, the Incinerator does not automatically dissipate heat - it uses the SAARE Launcher to vent heat instead. Just like the Technician acts as a medic for other mechs, the Incinerator functions as the team heatsink.

Ingame history: After years of research and development, the Malk model was the product of the covert Project Phoenix. With cutting edge thermal technology, this mech was engineered to absorb and store heat from surrounding sources, and transform that heat into offensive power. First seen in action in the Battle for Bunker 159, surviving mech pilot Jonas Obregon described witnessing the premier Incinerators, "I saw the beasts born from the ice. Then there was fire, only fire and destruction."

How to pilot the Incinerator: Stick with your teammates. Lone Incinerators can be surprisingly easy targets due to the spin up time of their rotary cannons. Always try to vent heat as quickly as possible - an overheated Incinerator is a dead Incinerator. Keep opponents suppressed by constantly firing the SAARE launcher in its alternate mode (for larger fireballs). If possible, pair up with a Technician. The Technician's heat from its Helix Repair Torch will be absorbed by the Incinerator, resulting in continuous healing. This kind of mech duo is feared by many pilots with good reason.

How to defeat the Incinerator: In suit with the other heavy mechs, Incinerators are quite vulernable to the dependable strategy of surprise and out-maneuvering. Before engaging, ensure that the target Incinerator is far enough away from its teammates, then catch it off guard from the flanks. Dodge constantly in order to avoid the Incinerator's highly-lethal SAARE projectiles. If you can get close enough to it, it will pick up your heat, allowing you to continuously fire at it. Unless you have several teammates nearby, avoid Incinerator & Technician teams at all times - they are virtually indestructible.

Incinerator fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Malk

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 750
Fuel Tank: 74 L
Boost Speed: 30.08 m/s
Fuel Regen: 8.51 L/s
Ground Speed: 17.25 m/s
Air Speed: 23
Radar: 105 m
Overheating: 3.75 s
Dodging: 1.4 s
Special Ability: Heat Dispersion
Tips & Tactics

Mech ComponentsEdit


B3-AR: BBY - Stock Primary

A medium speed rotary cannon. Built for steady rapid fire and heart generation.


B3-AR: PPA - Alternate Primary

A high speed rotary cannon that takes a good deal of time to ramp up. Built to reach high top end speeds and heat generation.


B3-AR: M4MA - Prestige Primary

A low speed rotary cannon. Equipped with heat-infused explosives that cause targets to experience increased heat generation. May cause self-damage at close range.


SAARE Launcher - Secondary

Converts heat into high explosive projectiles. Can fire large and small projectiles depending on the amount of heat available.


Heat Dispersion - Ability

Disperse all stored heat to create an explosion dealing damage to nearby enemies.


Heat Charge - Stock Item

The Heat Charge is an area-of-denial system that transfers a moderate amount of heat to nearby mechs.


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