Quick info:Ambush vehicle, designed to confuse, damage, and dispensary.

Short description: The Infiltrator is the master of the hit-and-run tactic. With powerful, chargeable weapons and advanced cloaking technology, this mech can easily surprise enemies from any direction.

Ingame history: The Infiltrator L5 Boot model was the first prototype light mech ever created. Equipped with clusters of oxygen tanks and a hermetically sealed shell, it was able to withstand the extreme conditions of Illal better than its predecessors. Early versions were crafted from organic materials, but each layer of development brought new modifications and such outdated systems were quickly replaced. In many ways this first creation was prophetic of the battlefield to come. Modern parts were swapped out, rebuilt, swapped out, and rebuilt again. The product seen today is build to survive the worst climates the universe has to offer, and heralds death.

How to pilot the Infiltrator: Use the Camouflage special ability to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies from behind, and unleash all your available firepower at once. When the Camouflage special ability is recharging, stay behind cover and use your Grenade Launcher to engage enemies from a safe distance. Its recommended to apply peek-a-boo playstyle when being chased when you are on low health, and wait until your Camouflage ability charged up and use it to escape from your pursuer.

How to defeat the Infiltrator: Watch for the telltale shimmer the Infiltrator gives off when cloaked, and attack first before the Infiltrator can strike. Keep an eye on your target reticle. If you target a cloaked Infiltrator, it will be highlighted just like any other enemy mech. Be aware of Infiltrator flanking your position because it was designed and purposed to flank on unexpecting lone individual or group of enemies.

Infiltrator fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Boot

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 330
Fuel Tank: 106 L
Boost Speed: 37.28 m/s
Fuel Regen: 9.99 L/s
Ground Speed: 19.5 m/s
Air Speed: 30
Radar: 120 m
Overheating: 5 s
Dodging: 1 s
Special Ability: Camouflage

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Mech ComponentsEdit


Assault Rifle - Stock Primary

A rapid fire weapon that can output damage consistently from all ranges


Heat Cannon - Alternate Primary

A medium-range, chargeable cannon that deals high damage on direct impact.


EOC Repeater - Prestige Primary

Chain fires explosive pucks that stick to surfaces. Charging increases the amount of pucks fired.


Grenade Launcher - Secondary

Fires an explosive mine that can be manually detonated.


Camouflage - Ability

Mask visibility and radar signature for a short period of time. Attacking breaks stealth.


Radar Scrambler - Stock Item

Deploys a radar scrambling system built to confuse enemies within a certain distance. Enemy radars will detect many false signatures.

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