Hawken currently has 9 multiplayer maps:

  • Bazaar - A multiplayer map featuring a desert landscape with a gold hue.
  • Bunker - A map with a bunker in a snowy climate.
  • Facility - A Sentium resource extraction facility isolated in a vast and deadly desert landscape.
  • Front line - A very large and explorable map in an urban city setting
  • Last Eco - A multiplayer map featuring a forest biome.
  • Origin - The Crion base where the Hawken virus was created and released.
  • Prosk - An urban map with numerous scalable buildings.
  • Uptown - A strange, extremely decayed map with tight corners.
  • Wreckage - A large map with a gigantic crashed ship in the center.

Each map varies slightly depending on the game mode.

Front Line Map Overview:

Facility Map Overview:

Last Eco Map Overview:

There are currently only three map overviews by HAWKEN Official Game Channel. Stay updated by checking their Youtube Channel here: