Meteor Credits (abbreviation: MC) are the in-game form of real money spent on Hawken.

Buying Meteor CreditsEdit

MC is bought in pre-priced bundles from an online store on the game's main page. Clicking the "Buy Meteor Credits" banner will open the store in the Steam browser. The Steam overlay must be enabled in-game to purchase Meteor Credits.

Euro USD GBP Meteor Credits
3.5€ $5 £3 720 MC
7€ $10 £6 1483 MC (1440 MC +3% Bonus)
17.5€ $25 £15 3780 MC (3600 MC +5% Bonus)
21€ $30 £18 4752 MC (4320 MC +10% Bonus)
35€ $50 £30 8280 MC (7200 MC +15% Bonus)
70€ $100 £60 17280 MC (14400 MC +20% Bonus)

Spending Meteor CreditsEdit

Meteor Credits can be used to buy anything purchasable with Hawken Credits ingame, with the added benefit that the item does not have to be unlocked. For example, mech weapons do not have to be unlocked by ranking your mech up to the appropriate level. Items and internals can be purchased regardless of pilot level.

MC can also be used to buy visual customisations that are available only with MC. These include thrusters, camos, repair drones, some player emblems, mech parts, physical mech taunts, and cockpit decorations. Boosters can also be bought with MC.

XP and HC BoostsEdit

MC can also buy XP and HC boosts, where the player will earn twice the XP or HC they normally would, for a variable amount of time depending on the package that was bought. These boosts are not avaliable for purchase with Hawken Credits.

Number of Days Cost of XP Boost Cost of HC Boost
1 108 MC 166 MC
3 194 MC 298 MC
7 383 MC 585 MC
14 652 MC 948 MC
30 1166 MC 1771 MC

XP TransferEdit

When a mech reaches rank 6 (the maximum rank), all subsequent XP gained playing that mech is earnt as "Universal XP". This XP can be transferred to lower level mechs at the cost of 1 MC per 120 XP.

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