Physical Taunts, or emotes, are the result of using the taunt command (bound by default to "J" on the keyboard). When taunting in this manner, the camera switches to third person like it would while repairing, centering on the pilot's mech as it performs a particular set of motions. Taunts are different for each mech class and there are numerous taunts available per class.
Note that taunts are not universal (they cannot be applied to all eligible mechs after being bought, only applied to the mech who was selected in the garage when the taunt was bought). Besides the default taunt (1 taunt is unlocked by default for each mech class), all taunts cost 178 MC to unlock.

Taunting may also be performed while on the post-match Carousel, among other actions.

List of A-Class Mech TauntsEdit

Picture Name Notes
Icons taunts mechanical pleasuresAllMine
"THE PLEASURE WAS ALL MINE" The mech performs a courtesy bow. Default A-Class taunt.
Icons taunts mechanical LilRoar
"LIL' ROAR" The mech tilts its body upwards and roars, complete with sound effect.
Icons taunts mechanical stretches
"WARM IT UP" The mech jumps then jogs briskly on the spot then does leg stretches.
Icons taunts mechanical doubleBagBrag
"THE TEA SPOT" The mech teabags on the spot.
Icons taunts mechanical dirtyDog
"DIRTY DOG" The mech paws at the ground under it with its feet while "looking" down.

List of B-Class Mech TauntsEdit

Picture Name Notes
Icons taunts mechanical thatJustHappened
"THAT JUST HAPPENED" The mech bows forward once facing slightly left, once slightly right. Default B-Class taunt.
Icons taunts mechanical haters
"HATERS GONNA HATE" The mech walks on the spot with exaggerated swagger, saluting with its arms.
Icons taunts mechanical doubleBagBrag
"IT'S IN THE BAG" The mech teabags on the spot.
Icons taunts mechanical chicken
"THE ROOSTER" The mech flaps its arms like wings while bouncing from one leg to the other.
Icons taunts mechanical RunningMech
"RUNNING MECH" The mech dances on the spot while thrusting its arms forwards.

List Of C-Class Mech TauntsEdit

Picture Name Notes
Icons taunts mechanical GLHF
"GLHF" The mech waves its left dorsal flap. Default C-Class taunt.
Icons taunts mechanical doubleBagBrag
"DOUBLE BAG BRAG" The mech extends its dorsal flaps on the side of its body perpendicular to the ground and extends them, slamming them on the ground.
Icons taunts mechanical shotgun
"THE SHOTGUN" The mech extends its right dorsal flap forwards then quickly retracts it, imitating the recoil of a firearm.
Icons taunts mechanical wings
'"GIVE 'EM THE BIRD" The mech flaps its dorsal flaps before floating above the ground, then slams down heavily.
Icons taunts mechanical Sumo
"SUMO SLAM" The mech strikes a sumo pose, slamming its legs on the ground.
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