Quick info: Ambush vehicle, specializes in tracking, trapping, and decimating the unaware.

Short description: This sneaky mech stalks the battlefield unseen and tracks down prey using advanced infra-red technology. It can set a trap with EOC Predator mines or blast through shields and even multiple mechs with a charged Breacher shot.

Ingame history: The Predator PAT model was originally created to be a successor to the Infiltrator Boot chassis. Building upon the core systems of the Infiltrator, its engineers found that with the additional load-bearing capabilities of the Type-B frame, they were able to vastly improve the technologies required for full-frame camouflage. These advanced stealth capabilities, coupled with state-of-the-art infra-red visor modifications, has led the Predator to become a favorite amongst pilots for high profile recon and ambush mission. "Those Sentium big-wigs tell us we're 'Expendable Assets', and then reprimend us whenever we waste one of their 'Expensive Vehicles'. What they can't seem to understand is that the Prosk have some new technologies that we just have never encountered before. Every time we go out there on a reconnaissance mission, it's like the whole jungle is alive, crawling with those scumbags." -C.S. Vince.

How to pilot the Predator: Place a bunch of EOC Predator mines along an escape route before engaging enemies and then lead them into a nasty trap. A charged Breacher shot can penetrate shields, so is perfect for finishing off mechs repairing under a dome.

How to defeat the Predator: Watch for the shimmer in the background and spray automatic weapons toward that area to knock the Predator out of Stalker mode. Beware of EOC Predator mine traps when chasing down a fleeing Predator.

Predator fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Patrick

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 510
Fuel Tank: 96 L
Boost Speed: 30.8 m/s
Fuel Regen: 10.36 L/s
Ground Speed: 19.5 m/s
Air Speed: 26
Radar: 127.5 m
Overheating: 4.75 s
Dodging: 1.2 s
Special Ability: Stalker
Tips & Tactics

Mech ComponentsEdit


Breacher - Stock Primary

A chargeable, multi-function cannon. It can fire a flak-type shot, or a penetrating railgun-type shot.


T32-Bolt - Alternate Primary

A high-damage, shrapnel weapon with a moderate rate of fire. An additional loading mechanism allows larger bursts of damage.


EOC Repeater - Prestige Primary

Chain fires explosive pucks that stick to surfaces. Charging increases the amount of pucks fired.


EOC Predator - Secondary

Proximity mine trap layer, fires out several mines in an area to set up traps for unsuspecting mechs. Mines can be remotely detonated.


Stalker - Ability

Turn invisible and detect enemies through walls. While in Stalker Mode vision range is greatly reduced. Dashing, dodging, or firing weapons while in Stalker Mode deactivates Stalker abilities for a short period. Taking any damage deactivates Stalker Mode.


ISM Disruptor - Stock Item

A large, top-like projectile that explodes briefly after deployment, sending out disruptive radio waves.


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