R. Turret



Description: The R. Turret item deploys a stationary rocket turret at the foot of your mech that fires explosive projectiles at enemies that come into range. You receive XP for any kills or assists your R. Turret scores. The R. Turret remains active until it is destroyed, you are killed, or you deploy another turret.

Note that you can only deploy a single turret at a time, deploying a new turret with a turret already active will destroy the old turret.

Gameplay tip: Deploy an R. Turret with a clear line of sight into high priority areas for an extra barrage of artillery assistance.


The R. Turret as seen in the garage

R. Turret StatsEdit

Health: 145 HP (NOTE: as of the 1st of August 2015, turret health has been buffed. The exact number of HP is being researched.)

Damage: 32

Table of R. Turret Versions and CostsEdit

Version MC Price HC Price Slots Taken
Mk I 72 641
Mk II 108 1121
Mk III 144 1602

Mechs with the R. Turret as their stock itemEdit

Rocketeer fullbody rocketeer180

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