Quick info: Raiding vehicle, geared toward tactically closing those pesky gaps.

Short description: The Raider is designed to close gaps quickly and unleash a devastating barrage of firepower at close range. Its signature Blitz special ability increases movement speed and allows both weapons to be fired while boosting forward.

Ingame history: Once known as Armed Merchantmen, Raiders were originally used by freelance pilots as escorts for energy corporation shipments. Though they functioned primarily to load and unload cargo, their utilities were also applied offensively against the occasional petty thief en route. As resources grew scarce, however, so too did contracts. Hard-working, honest folk modified strong clamps and nail guns to tools more suitable to their needs. Raiders emerged, outfitted with the traditional M5 Muller chassis, but armed with weapons of war and the knowledge of every commercial trade route by land and sea. "When we first spotted 'im, he looked like yer typical Merchantman hailing, 'Hellooo there, friend!' Then the sun flared, and I blinked. As my eyes peeled open, I caught a glimpse of 'im charging straight at me, guns blazing. By then it was too late." -Capt. S. Daunders.

How to pilot the Raider: Activate Blitz and quickly traverse the map to claim objectives and assist allies. Use Blitz without boosting to approach enemies quickly without showing up on their radar.

How to defeat the Raider: The Raider is incredibly dangerous at close range, so attack from a distance and be prepared for it to close the gap with Blitz. The Raider can also use the Corsair-KLA to fire long-range projectiles, so stay alert even at a distance.

Raider fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Muller

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 515
Fuel Tank: 88 L
Boost Speed: 33.68 m/s
Fuel Regen: 9.99 L/s
Ground Speed: 19 m/s
Air Speed: 26
Radar: 120 m
Overheating: 5 s
Dodging: 1.2 s
Special Ability: Blitz
Tips & Tactics

Mech ComponentsEdit


ReFLAK-35 - Stock Primary

A rapid firing Flak Cannon, loaded with ricocheting ammo to occasionally deal damage around corners.


T32-Bolt - Alternate Primary

A high-damage, shrapnel weapon with a moderate rate of fire. An additional loading mechanism allows larger bursts of damage.


EOC Repeater - Prestige Primary

Chain fires explosive pucks that stick to surfaces. Charging increases the amount of pucks fired.


Corsair-KLA - Secondary

A dual-mode, short-range powerhouse. Fires airburst MIRVs or slung grenades.


Blitz - Ability

For a short duration, increase movement speed and gain the ability to fire while boosting.


EMP - Stock Item

A large, top-like projectile that explodes, sending out a large electro-magnetic pulse.


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