Ranks are a mechanic akin to levelling up the pilot's mech. At the end of every match, regardless of gamemode, the mechs that were used by the pilot receive XP proportionally to the time they spent ingame and their performance while in use (so for example, a mech that was used only a few minutes will receive less XP than a mech that was used for twenty minutes).

Mechs start at rank 1, and for every subsequent rank they unlock by gaining XP, they unlock special Elite mech parts specific to the mech type, paint patterns, or alternate primary weapons. This goes on to rank 6. All XP gained after reaching rank 6 is transferred to an XP pool, where it can be transferred to other mechs if they are under rank 6 for an MC fee.

Unlocked Elite Mech Parts and paint patterns can be equipped to the ranked up mech for free, but are not transferrable to other mechs. Unlocked alternate primary weapons cost an additional 4130 HC or 512 MC. The weapons can also be unlocked without ranking up by paying an additional MC fee.

Table Of Mech Ranks Edit

Rank Symbol XP Cap Item Unlocked
Rank 1
MechTier1 A
0 to 7500 XP Nothing Unlocked at Rank 1
Rank 2
MechTier2 A
7500 to 21000 XP Elite Lower Part
Rank 3
MechTier3 A
21000 to 46000 XP Elite Arms Part + Alternate Primary Weapon
Rank 4
MechTier4 A
46000 to 90000 XP Elite Middle Part
Rank 5
MechTier5 A
90000 to 150000 XP Elite Upper Part + "Prestige" Alternate Primary Weapon
Rank 6
MechTier5 B
150000 XP

M1 Desert-Flak Paint Pattern. For Assault and Raider only: unlocks the G2 Assault and G2 Raider for purchase.

Note: the G2s can be unlocked for purchase earlier by paying an MC fee.