Quick info: Front line sniper, able to adapt with both speed and precision.

Short description: Nicknamed "The Ripper" by friend and foe alike, this mobile assassin utilizes a mid-range sniper rifle to tear through unsuspecting enemies from the safety of the shadows.

Ingame history: The L2 Spree is common among Reapers not only for its rogue-like style, but also for its surprising flexibility. Mobile, yet offering tremendous stability, it is ideal for assignments that require venturing alone outside friendly territory. When challenged by the ever-changing battlefield, Spree pilots are known to overcome, endure, and excel. Even when swathed in dirt and dust it is highly functional, so some pilots claim that cleaning their Spree would wipe away years of hard-earned natural camouflage. But we all know that's just an excuse. "Clean? Whaddaya mean? This baby IS clean!" -Deadeye Bill Buser.

How to pilot the Reaper: Use Precision Overdrive and the KE-Sabot's zoom function to increase the Reaper's effectiveness at long range. Keep your eyes open for mechs attempting to hide behind cover. Enemies are most vulnerable when they believe they're safe.

How to defeat the Reaper: The Reaper's armor is quite low. Don't hesitate to put pressure on pilots who stray too close to the front lines. Displace a Reaper from his perch by firing long-range weaponry, such as Hellfire Missiles or TOW Rockets.

Reaper fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Spree

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 350
Fuel Tank: 80 L
Boost Speed: 34.4 m/s
Fuel Regen: 13.32 L/s
Ground Speed: 20.5 m/s
Air Speed: 28
Radar: 135 m
Overheating: 4 s
Dodging: 1 s
Special Ability: Precision Overdrive

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Mech ComponentsEdit


AM-SAR - Stock Primary

An Anti-Mech rifle with high accuracy and high rate of fire.


Hawkins-RPR - Alternate Primary

This modified version of the SA-Hawkins trades range and accuracy for speed and power.


Slug Rifle - Prestige Primary

A highly accurate, long-range rifle. Outpowered at close ranges but highly effective when used from afar.


KE-Sabot - Secondary

A long range sniper rifle, designed for mobile mechs to deal damage on the move.


Precision Overdrive - Ability

Greatly increases accuracy for a short duration.


Detonator - Stock Item

A slow, hovering, low-damage explosive charge with a large damage radius.


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