Repair Charge



Description: The Repair Charge item drops an orb in front of your mech that will repair armor on any nearby mechs. Hold down the Use Item button before deploying to fire the charge farther.

Gameplay tip: Any mech on the battlefield can regain armor units from your deployed Repair Charge. Don't forget you can use it to help your teammates as well as yourself.


The Repair Charge as seen in the garage

Repair Charge StatsEdit

Health Amount: 170 HP (NOTE: with the Repair Kit internals equipped, Health Amount becomes 195.5 HP per orb, with the Advanced Repair Kit equipped, Health Amount becomes 212.5 HP per orb)

Lifespan: 30 seconds

Table of Repair Charge Versions and CostsEdit

Version MC Price HC Price Slots Taken
Mk I 144 1602
Mk II 180 2082
Mk III 216 2563

Mechs with the Repair Charge as their stock itemEdit


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