Repair Drones

The default repair drone, RD-TR1.

Repair drones can heal all damage on a mech to return it to full armor. While being repaired, mechs are immobile and vulnerable to attack, making it essential to only repair in safe areas. When in repair mode, the point of view switches to the third person perspective, centered around the pilot's mech, and able to spin 360 degrees around it. It is encouraged to make use of this view to check the surroundings for approaching enemy mechs.

Repair drones do not take damage and there are no costs to repairs. They automatically come with purchased mechs. Repair drones can be unlocked via purchase with MC or by reaching certain pilot levels.

List of Repair DronesEdit

Picture Name Cost (in MC) Repair Effect Notes
BOMB-N-HEALS BOMB-N-HEALS 360 Detonates atop the mech, releasing an energy sphere to heal the mech
RD-H2O RD-H2O 144 Shoots streams of water from several angles
RD-L4NCET RD-L4NCET 252 Unfolds into a Detonator shape, then fires a blue beam from several angles; flies in jerky, angular movements
RD-LZR RD-LZR 144 Shoots red beams; flies in the same pattern as the RD-TR1
RD-ORB1T RD-ORB1T 252 Splits into three spheres and emits blue pulses; flies around in the mech in a jerky orbit
RD-QU4ARTERNION RD-QU4ARTERNION 540 Splits into quarters and fires red beams; each piece floats about one side of the mech
RD-SC4NNER RD-SC4NNER 360 Splits in half and "scans" the mech with a blue beam; the halves take opposite sides of the mech
RD-SHCK RD-SHCK 144 Zaps the mech with lightning arcs; flies similarly to the RD-TR1, but more jerky
RD-SQD RD-SQD 540 Flies with a fluid, squid-like movement around the mech, dropping off pieces as it goes, then each part shoots a yellow beam and hops over the mech before reassembling. It has a second possible animation, where it flies in circles around the mech as a whole and drops mini repair charges behind it that the mech then absorbs.
RD-TR1 RD-TR1 Free Zaps the mech with lightning-like beams; flies in a swooping pattern Stock repair drone
RD-W3LD RD-W3LD 144 Fires a welding torch like flame; flies in the same pattern as the RD-TR1
RD-ZAP RD-Z4P 252 Fires crackling lightning at the mech, flies in the same pattern as the RD-TR1
T1-FL1NT T1-FL1NT Unlock Same as RD-TR1, but with a blue beam Unlocked at Pilot Level 10
T2-GL1TZ T2-GL1TZ Unlock Same as RD-TR1, but with a purple beam Unlocked at Pilot Level 20
T3-SP4RK T3-SP4RK Unlock Same as RD-TR1, but with a golden beam Unlocked at Pilot Level 30
Icons drones AXmas AXmas 252 MC Slowly drifts around the mech while leaving a snowy white trail, throws snowballs at the mech with its stick arms to heal it. Holiday-themed drone, available for sale during christmas period (18 December - 6 January)
Icons drones B Ghost B Ghost Unknown/
Unknown Holiday-themed drone, does not appear to be available after whatever event it was for ended
Icons drones Cspecial Cspecial Unknown/
Unknown Reskin of the RD-LZR, given to Commander tier participants in the Vanguard Initiative.
Icons drones GXmas GXmas Unknown/
Unknown Holiday-themed reskin of the RD-ORB1T, available by killing Marvin the Yeti on Winter Echo. Map out of rotation, available on private servers.
Icons drones refer refer Unknown/
Unknown Reskin of the RD-SHCK, file name indicates it might be a reward for refering players
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