Quick info: Targeted support vehicle, commonly used to discourage strategic positioning.

Short description: The Rocketeer excels at providing long-range support with homing capabilities on its primary and secondary weapons. It's array of missile-type weapons can dislodge deter opponents from holding strategic points.

Ingame history: The standard Rocketeer H2 Domoff model is the oldest Type-C Heavy currently in production. A nightmare to maintenance crews, mud and grime frequently clog the leg shields, causing mobility malfunctions. If well-conditioned, however, they are some of the most versatile heavy mechs available, which is why they are still in productions. "The way always continues, so all we can do is live, learn, and keep rolling. Engineering flaw if I dare say." -Lt. K.

How to pilot the Rocketeer: Locking on with Hellfire Missiles improves the homing capabilities of the Seeker as well. Hitting the middle-mouse button once will quickly scan for Hellfire targets, but hitting the button repeatedly will continuously scan for targets.

How to defeat the Rocketeer: The Rocketeer's immobility, like all other Type-C mechs, makes it an ideal target for snipers like the Sharpshooter or Reaper. Pay attention to the alert notification that appears when Hellfire Missiles are incoming and dodge behind cover.

Rocketeer fullbody rocketeer256

Model Codename: Domoff

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 730
Fuel Tank: 110 L
Boost Speed: 25.76 m/s
Fuel Regen: 9.62 L/s
Ground Speed: 16 m/s
Air Speed: 30
Radar: 105 m
Overheating: 5.75 s
Dodging: 1.4 s
Special Ability: Targeting Turret
Tips & Tactics

Mech ComponentsEdit


Seeker - Stock Primary

A quick-firing, missile launching system with a built-in targeting system.


EOC Repeater - Alternate Primary

Chain fires explosive pucks that stick to surfaces. Charging increases the amount of pucks fired.


Heat Cannon - Prestige Primary

A medium-range, chargeable cannon that deals high damage on direct impact.


Hellfire Missiles - Secondary

Fires a volley of high-damage missiles that can lock onto targets.


Targeting Turret - Ability

Convert to a heavy defense mode with advanced lock-on targeting. While in turret mode: -45% frontal damage; +20% rear damage.


R. Turret - Stock Item

Deploys an auto-tracking turret equipped with a rocket-propelling device.

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