"Superior Technology Demands Superior Minds."

Sentium's logo

-Sentium Corporate Motto

Sentium is one of the three main multi-planetary corporations (MPC) on Illal. They were the original employers of James Hawken, creator of the Hawken virus. On certain game modes, players may fight on the Sentium side.


Sentium specialises in luxury-grade vehicles and products, characterised by elegant designs and superior engineering. Thanks to this, their brand has become synonymous with wealth and power. The MPC uses drones and automated assembly lines for most menial tasks, and as such has very few low-pay employees.

The MPC's base of operations is located in Titan City, a fully automated campus known as a centre of culture thanks to its architecture, gardens, and gastronomy. Because of its elitist mindset, the city is populated by high ranking employees and millionaires in search of a comfortable and safe lifestyle.


Sentium was one of the main members of the terraforming conglomerate that led to Illal's colonisation. The main reason for its participation in the project was the discovery by its surveyors of Cavorite, an ore with unique anti-gravitational properties.

By keeping the ore's existence hidden from outsiders, it was able to establish mines across the planet to secretly monopolise it and incorporate it in its designs, building lighter and faster products while claiming superior engineering was the cause for their enhanced performance.

A raid on Sentium corporate HQ by Prosk operatives eventually revealed the ore's existence, which led to raids on its Cavorite mines across the planet and the loss of its monopoly on the ore.

The Hawken Virus & The Vitrolium WarsEdit

After the accident that led to the creation of the Giga-Structure and the ensuing quarantine of the planet, Sentium declared martial law over Titan City and employed its mechs to protect its assets, limit civil unrest, and lead raids against its rival, Prosk.

After the discovery of Vitrolium, a powerful fuel caused partially by the Giga-Structure, the conflict escalated into a full scale war between the two MPCs for control of this valuable resource.

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