Description: The Shield item deploys an electromagnetic dome that blocks weapon fire for a short time (charge to deploy farther from your mech). You cannot fire from inside at targets outside the Shield. The Shield has a short duration and can be destroyed by weapons fire.

Gameplay tip: Use the shield to provide extra cover for yourself and your teammates in areas that are exposed. Wait for the right moment and take care to not block your own ability to do damage. The shield will block projectiles shot from mechs inside as well shots from the outside the shield. Unlike the Blockade item, any mech can travel through the barrier. Shields, however, cannot repaired by Technicians.

The Shield can be utilized during a retreat for a safe barrier to protect you whilst repairing. You can also launch it to protect a partner, or launch it on an enemy, nullifying their attacks so long as they stay inside the shield.


The Shield as seen in the garage

Shield StatsEdit

Health: 450 HP

Lifespan: 20 seconds

Table of Shield Versions and CostsEdit

Version MC Price HC Price Slots Taken
Mk I 72 641
Mk II 108 1121
Mk III 144 1602

Mechs with the Shield as their stock itemEdit

Brawler fullbody labeled180 Cr-t recruit fullbody labeled180

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