Quick info: Tandem support vehicle, specialized in focused, ad hoc repair.

Short description: This support mech roams the battlefield, repairing friendly mechs in the heat of battle with its Helix Repair Torch. It can also provide offensive team support by making enemy mechs more vulnerable to damage with the Redox-02.

Ingame history: Though the L5 Zos may appear to be modestly constructed, only the experienced can truly appreciate the beauty of its design concept. As repair tools became more viable for battlefield use, alloys were developed that could maintain a structurally protective state while remaining malleable enough to facilitate the reconstruction process. However, since these metals hardened over time and were extremely expensive to produce, the casings found on most Technicians in service today possess no added benefit. "I remember it as if recalling a dream, hazy from waking. We were crashing, our systems failing. With my demise imminent, I begged for deliverance from the quickly encroaching halo. As the figure materialized from the clouds of dust, I saw the medic's face and smiled. He saved our troops." -Commander A. A.

How to pilot the Technician: Utilize cover in a way that protects you from enemy fire, but also keeps friendly mechs in your line of sight so you can continue to heal them with the Repair Torch. Always stay alert and watch for enemy mechs attempting to flank you and your teammates. Apply damage with the Redox-02 if you can, but keeping your friends alive is often your first priority.

How to defeat the Technician: Technicians rarely travel alone, so bring friends. The best time to attack them is when they are focused on healing their teammates. Sustained damage on the target being healed will eventually force the Technician to either overheat or stop repairing.

Technician fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Zos

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 315
Fuel Tank: 100 L
Boost Speed: 33.68 m/s
Fuel Regen: 10.36 L/s
Ground Speed: 23.5 m/s
Air Speed: 27
Radar: 120 m
Overheating: 4.5 s
Dodging: 1 s
Special Ability: Amplification

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Mech ComponentsEdit


Redox-02 - Stock Primary

Suppression weapon equipped with corrosive explosives that cause targets to take increased damage.


Hawkins-RPR - Alternate Primary

This modified version of the SA-Hawkins trades range and accuracy for speed and power.


PN-223 - Prestige Primary

A short barreled, 3 round burst pistol designed to suppress targets at close to medium range.


Helix Repair Torch - Secondary

Manufactured to aid allies in battle by reconstructing their armor. Can transform itself to deconstruct enemies' armor when needed.


Amplification - Ability

Greatly increases the repair rate of the Helix Repair Torch for a short duration, including reconstruction to self.


Blockade - Stock Item

Creates a sizable, destroyable wall that cannot be penetrated by weapons or mechs.


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