The Great Silence (or simply The Silence) is a term coined by pilot bacon_avenger to describe the period of developer inactivity that took place between mid 2014 and early 2015, between Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment's lack of activity and eventual bankruptcy and Reloaded Games taking over management of Hawken.

It was characterized by a lack of updates beyond minimal work to keep the game running and a loss of the old Hawken forums. These were mirrored by pilot Ashfire908 here.

Timeline of eventsEdit

The Silence can be said to have started around June or July 2014, when Hawken producer Jason Hughes made a post mentioning they would be going quiet for a while to work on "technical debt". From that point onwards very little work was put into the games besides what was needed to keep it from collapsing entirely, and maintenance was no longer performed.

At one point a few months later the forums were taken down, then brought back up. This state of affair lasted about a month before they once again went dark.

On March the 15th, a facebook post is made on the Hawken page by capnjosh, of Reloaded Games. In this note he relates his excitement for the future of Hawken and informs readers that the forums will be up shortly.

On march the 20th a second post is made showing him and a colleague hauling hardware into their new offices.

On march the 21st, the Hawken forums are brought back online along with a note from capnjosh, where he reiterates his enthusiasm for the Hawken fanbase and sets forth a set of rules and trends he hopes to apply to these new forums.

That week long period marks the end of The Great Silence and the beginning of Reloaded Games' work on Hawken.

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