This event was a community-wide celebration of the end of The Silence and of Reloaded Games' acquiring of Hawken, taking place on Friday April the 3rd 2015. It was initiated by ticklemyiguana for the American side, and coordinated by Dr_Freeze001 for European players. Forum thread announcing the event can be found here.

The aim of the event was obviously to celebrate the return of developer activity to Hawken, and also to bring players back into the game with a series of fun and challenging activities.

Organisation & Activities Edit

The event began at 8PM GMT on the European servers, and 9PM EST for the North American servers, and consisted of a continual stream of open-to-all organised games on private and public servers across those two regions.

One hour prior to the event, Capnjosh, of Reloaded Games, participated in a live Q&A session broadcast on the official Playhawken twitch channel and coordinated over the Hawken Teamspeak.

The participants engaged in tried and tested community created gamemodes, such as Night of the Living Fred, Titan mode (here called Monster mode) and convoy, among others. Descriptions of these gamemodes can be found on the article for Ultra-Violent Wednesday.

Furthermore, the event kicked off Tigg's Hawken Hopeline Raffle. Following a successful Gofundme campaign by the community with a goal of 200 dollars to secure a year's worth of high capacity Teamspeak server use (which largely passed its objective in a few minutes thanks among others to a 200 dollar contribution by LadyTiggs, Reloaded's community manager) Tiggs put together a raffle. The only requirements to entry were to like the raffle's thread original post, or retweet the twitter announcement. The winner received 35$ worth of MC, the second winner 25$ of MC and the third 10$ of MC, all generated by Reloaded Games.