Hello everyone! As part of the (agonizingly) slow process to repair security flaws that Wikia is conducting, they have decided to remove the verbatim page elements. View the original article here

What is a verbatim? If you're an average user, you likely have no idea what those are or how utterly important they are to functions on our lovely Hawken wiki. Verbatim elements allow JavaScript and otherwise restricted components into a page. The mechs page, for example, with its fancy mech selector, relies upon a fairly large amount of JS. This can only be injected via a verbatim. And now that verbatims are going away, that feature on the mechs page will not longer function. A brief list of things that will break:

  • Mechs selector on the mech page, and all mech pages
  • Effect when hovering over an image (like the mech images)
  • The quick navigation on the homepage will no longer be toggleable
  • The contents list on the wiki help page
  • The tip & tactics popup on the mech pages, and the model parts popup as well
  • The mech selectors on the individual mech pages (the "All Mechs" button)

Despite the obvious security issues present in the way MediaWiki functions, I cannot believe that user-made JS seems to be going away for good. It is so essential to websites everywhere, extremely accessible and capable, and the only way that we can create advanced page functions to improve out wiki.

I will do my best to find workarounds for when the death of verbatims hits on November 2nd. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them.

--TiberiumFusion (talk) 20:19, October 28, 2015 (UTC)TiberiumFusion

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