It's been nearly three years now since I adopted this wikia, and while Hawken was absolutely flying from Feb 2014 to midsummer that same year, most of my tenure has been watching this masterpiece of a game decline. The handful of reboots, revamps, reduxes, re-invigorations, re-everythings seems to be waning as well. It's not at all dissimilar to seeing a loved one slowly approaching life's end - knowing that it's not very near yet, but nonetheless inevitable and on its way.

I don't know what Hawken is like on Xbox One or PS4 - well, probably full of players, but with gameplay and spirit that are mere shadows of what once was a sensational PC game. With signs everywhere hinting at us that PC Hawken will eventually be no more, it makes sense that the same fate awaits its colleagues - prime example: this Wikia. At original Hawken's end, what happens here? Does this site become a true ghost town, once and for all? Is it deleted? Is it converted into a wikia for those near-disgraces that are console Hawken? Is our history here gone; are the memories forgotten?

In tandem with the loss of users to Hawken, views on our Wikia are decreasing as well. When I was awarded the position of administrator, daily views were anywhere from 800 to 1200, depending on game news and hype bursts (at that time, the website still existed as well as a friendly competitor). Now, we are the sole provider of PC Hawken info, and daily views range from 110 to 190. I suspect the vast majority of these come from console players.

These are just some thoughts I have right now. Hopefully, for those of you out there who feel the same as I do, reading your thoughts as spoken by another person is soothing.

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