Capnjosh just posted a new announcement regarding mech prices. The half price week(end) is over, and they've decided to redo mech pricing to make it more "normazlied", and have less of a pay to win feel. This is likely due to some mechs costing 12000HC and others costing 4000HC. So, as the prices are changed, if anyone wants to update them on our mech pages, feel free to do so. Here is the original announcement, for those who like to read:

We've let the half-off weekend extend pretty far into the week, partly because these prices are just plain fun and partly because we wanted to see what happened after the initial sale excitement wore off. It's valuable to see that sort of thing.

Now it's time to bring the regular prices back - I can hear the "booooo ... hissss" now ;). However, we're going to do it a little differently. We are going to do this in stages. First up will be the mechs. We've got a hunch that the previous mech prices have introduced an unnecessary sense of Pay2Win - each mech is actually competitive in its own right, but the significant pricing differences would seem to indicate something very different. So starting today all base mech packages will be priced at 9,923HC and 948MC. The goal is to clearly deliver the message to new users that Hawken's design goals are to be balanced and *not* Pay2Win.

Obviously, some mechs cost more now. However, note that all the upgrades to a mech still cost less, thus reducing the total spend that users would sink into a mech (think of how new users need to test out a number of upgrade combinations before they find a build that works best for them). Also, for those of you who purchased mechs at a higher price in the past, we're hoping the lowered upgrade prices will help mitigate that sense of gross injustice ;)

We will be adjusting the prices of the remaining products over the coming 2 weeks, so check in on the store often. I think you'll appreciate the changes.

(and yes, when in doubt, you can blame me)

TiberiumFusion (talk) 05:37, June 4, 2015 (UTC)TiberiumFusion
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