I've created a new popup window for mech pages - one that shows the stock and elite versions of their individual parts. Currently, it's only on the Berserker page, since it took a while to figure out and construct and I'm weary from all the editing at the moment. Go ahead and check it out and tell me what you think! I'll be rolling it out to all the other mech pages soon.

Oh, and yes, I know that the complete mech picture does not change upon switching between stock and elite parts. This is because the game files do not have a picture of the mech with elite parts, just the stock ones. If you happen to have a mech with all the elite parts picture, feel free to make a fullbody picture for us. It must be 256 x 256 pixels or larger (while maintaining the same 1:1 ratio) and the mech must be in the same general pose (as the current stock ones) with a transparent background. I can make a few for the mechs I have, but I need help from our community to get them all done.

Have fun around the wiki in the meantime!

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