About time I made some mention of the shutdown, but there's not that much to say, really. Just plenty to muse upon.

This incredible game is set to be erased from the present, while an illegitimate-feeling (at least, to me) fork will live on with console gamers. Will the Hawken name become besmirched by excessive DLC, microtransactions galore, and simply fall to the lower standards of console gaming? What a sight that would be.

It's surprising, and it isn't. Things have been downhill for a while now. I can grieve, rage, and sigh, but the current owners of Hawken aren't going to change their decision. A a lot of mistakes were made by every development group, especially with Adhesive and Meteor when they financially screwed themselves, so in no way is our loss of PC Hawken justified. It's now a tragic tale of an amazing game that went down the wrong path.

This wikia was founded by TurboJensen while Hawken was still in select beta. I came across the game in February of 2014 and took over this site after a big cleaning and update. Now it seems my time here has run its course. As I transitioned our wikia into the Steam release area, it seems fit for a console enthusiast to transition the wikia into this dark, new era. Us PC players have been cast aside, so there's no need to maintain a PC wikia for a nonexistant game beyond January 2nd.

According to the concepts of entropy, there is an existence in which Hawken is flourishing and holding its ground in the modern gaming industry. Actually, there are infinite existences of that generic outcome - as there are infinite existences of the outcome in which we live.

I've made a backup of several pages on the Wayback Machine as of November 12, 2017 for historical/sentimental purposes. If you want access to a snapshot of the wikia at this point in time, start here:

Website screenshot cicra February 2014. It was inspiring.
Website circa feb 2014
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