Quick info: Vanguard vehicle, designed to diminish the frontlines and secure ground.

Short description: This heavy mech has powerful close-range weapons that can devastate foes in a sustained firefight. Its Vanguard Turret special ability transforms this mech into a mobile tank with better movement rate than other heavy turret modes.

Ingame history: Historically, the Vanguard prototype was piloted solely by the Royal Guard of Prosk High Command. Outfitted with the H3 Cupcake, the first models were produced exclusively as status symbols. However, as panic over the Hawken virus spread, special version of this mech were eventually deployed for rapid, close-range riot control. When the angry mobs start picketing, call out the Vanguard.

How to pilot the Vanguard: To score hits more easily with the Grenade Launcher, fire at the feet of your enemies and detonate your grenades to deal splash damage. You take extra damage from behind while in turret mode, so keep your back against a wall while defending objectives.

How to defeat the Vanguard: The Vanguard mech's weaponry is devastating at close range. Keep your distance and flank whenever possible. Like other heavy mechs, the Vanguard lacks mobility. Use this to your advantage when engaging.

Vanguard fullbody labeled256

Model Codename: Bunker

Cost: Hc-icon9923 / Mc-icon948
Armor: 685
Fuel Tank: 78 L
Boost Speed: 30.08 m/s
Fuel Regen: 11.84 m/s
Ground Speed: 17.5 m/s
Air Speed: 25
Radar: 105 m
Overheating: 4.5 s
Dodging: 1.4 s
Special Ability: Vanguard Turret
Tips & Tactics

Mech ComponentsEdit


Submachine Cannon - Stock Primary

A short-barreled, rapid-fire weapon that excels at close ranges. The short barrel renders it less effective at a distance.


Mini Flak Cannon - Alternate Primary

A smaller flak type weapon. Geared for rapid fire and high damage output. Brutal at close ranges, but ineffective at longer distances.


Point-D Vulcan - Prestige Primary

A high-damage, rapid-firing suppression cannon. Shreds enemies at close range, but is less reliable at a distance.


Grenade Launcher - Secondary

Fires an explosive mine that can be manually detonated.


Vanguard Turret - Ability

Convert to a heavy defense mode with faster movement than other modes. While in turret mode: -60% frontal damage; +20% rear damage.


Detonator - Stock Item

A slow, hovering, low-damage explosive charge with a large damage radius.

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